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To Do Before 31

I start work tomorrow. I’ll be getting a larger paycheck than I’ve gotten in a looooong time and I’m sooo excited about it! There’s some things I have to do before I start work though.

  • Wash all my laundry. There’s at least a good month of laundry built up.
  • Buy some jeans, but this one will have to wait. It can’t wait too long because I can actually wear jeans at work! I have one pair of jeans that fit well. The other ones are a little too big. I was feeling pessimistic when I got them, but they were only a few bucks at Maurice’s.
  • Wash ‘The Bit’. This one is actually done. He’s a reluctant little thing when he realizes that I have water in the tub just for him. He starts shivering before I even get him in the water.
  • Dust the whole house…. Yeah, that’s likely.
  • Remove all the extra clutter from my car. I may actually get to do this one.
  • Wash and then straighten my hair. Trust me, it’ll make the entire work week muuuuch easier. And sleeker.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Another set of things to do will creep up in my head while I sleep tonight. By then, it’ll be too late to do those things. I’ll just have to write it down if I get a chance.


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