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Adrenal Plus, Iodine & Me: Month 11

While I’m watching Pierce Brosnan make a fool of himself on Mama Mia!, I am going to write this… attempting to not cry.

It’s been been about 11 months since I did the CNE/Biomeridian Test at Dr. Scott‘s. Originally, he suggested that I take Immuplex because I had two surgeries within a 6 month period back in 2009. This supplement boosted my immune system. He also suggested that I take Adrenal Plus to support my adrenals as they were, according to the Biomeridian test, overtaxed. Finally, after I had read a book of his on iodine and its benefits, I began also taking Iodoral (iodine/iodide). Iodoral supports many organs, but in this case, the most important for me is my Thyroid gland. I’d once been told that I had hypothyroidism.

After a couple months, I dropped off taking Immuplex. I have since continued with Adrenal Plus and Iodoral.

Here’s the kicker:

Supplements are most helpful with a regular routine and healthy sleep pattern. The past week has had me up and at ’em every day at 7:15 to get to work… aside from Wednesday when the trees came tumbling down due to the wacky weather. I’ve noticed that it is muuuch easier to feel like I want to wake up early and not sleep in avoiding the day.

Now I know what Dr. Scott was talking about. He said your adrenals are the ones that help your ‘get up and go’ in the morning, it’s how your stress handler, it’s your ‘fight or flight’ too. If your sleep pattern is inconsistent, it may be likely that anything a person tries to ‘feel better’ will not help that person feel better.

Moral of the story: supplements are fantastic, homeopathic remedies are wonderful, but the most helpful part of your health is when and how well you sleep.


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