31: Week 3

Posted on February 15, 2011


So far so good! The job is going well! I get there later in there day and all the folks who are still in Academy Bay are still around. By the time a couple hours pass, they are gone and it feels like there is no one there except the two ladies in my row.

My neighbor is super helpful and I appreciate her knowledge of all things 31. The girl who was in my training class is a few cubicles down, but we get to whisper-holler to each other when we’re stumped. The team leads are really helpful too. The company grows exponentially every day so it’s pretty much mandatory to ‘ask if you are not sure’. Someone will know.

The best part is being able to be in touch with my friend who works at Easton. She told me about 31 and I was hired faster than I expected. She’s planning her wedding for June. It’s been great to be in touch about work at work and then the wedding before or after work.

At lunch, it seemed like there was a vacuum at work. I hardly saw anyone, but apparently there were more people there than I thought. I shuffled in ‘Subway’ and sat with my ‘dinner’ for my ‘lunch break’. Not a soul in sight. One fellow meandered in with his tea, then another, then another. Before ya knew it, I was surrounded by folks that I suspect work in the warehouse. I didn’t see anyone in monogramming.

At the last break, there was still little sign of life. Finally, when my fellow newbie and I went to our cars to go home, there were tons of people in the parking lot! Whew! Good to know!

The people are friendly, the consultants just want information and a friendly voice, the customers wanna be consultants. I couldn’t ask for anything better.