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Bedside Alarm – Update

Now, more than ever, I firmly believe that one should keep one’s keyless entry by one’s bedside.

I’m not alarmed anymore upon thinking about it, but this morning, the back gate was wide open. I don’t think it was open when I put the dogs out earlier in the morning, but it was definitely open later. Churchill had been alarmed and made a ruckus when he was downstairs. I didn’t hear anything but other dogs outside, so I didn’t think much of it.

Later, it spooked me a little, so I had Churchill go outside and left Li’l Bit in the house. Bit is about as ferocious as a mosquito, but he makes up for his pint size with tenacity. Churchill was in full investigative mode, sniffing around the yard. I shut the gate, in the process having to command Churchill away from the gate. The big lug checked out both sides of the house. Good boy!

Now all is well.

I do highly recommend keeping your keyless entry by your bedside though, and a big hulking Big Head Dog. At least with the keyless entry, if someone is lurking around your property, and you notice it, you can make ’em high-tail it out of your yard when you press the alarm button. If that fails, for whatever reason, and you have a BHD, he or she will get to make use of their bark and jaws.

Just a thought!

**Update: Howard told me soon thereafter that it was his DAD that had been there. He’s had his wheelbarrow and there was a trail of saw dust. Go figure!


3 thoughts on “Bedside Alarm – Update

  1. Glad you have the boys. Are you sure you don’t want some of those window/door alarms for downstairs? They are super reasonable and make me and Mimi feel more secure. And you know I am not afraid to be back here.

    1. Um, duh. You are usually one to tell Mimi stuff that’ll freak her out. :-p Did you even see the update at the end? It was actually Howard’s dad that was in the yard.

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