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Brilliant My Foot

So, yeah. Those cottony things that help women manage that time of the month. We’re all aware that they exist. There’s a gazillion different brands. I hate the commercials because they make ‘that time’ seem like something that isn’t that big of a deal. WRONG. It’s annoying! I’m just flat out being honest.

I just saw a commercial on television for something that is supposed to be a “Brilliant” solution to what the commercial implies is abnormal pH during Aunt Flo’s visit. I visited the website FAQs page very briefly. Right off the bat, the first thing that I can tell you after reading the first answer to one of the FAQs is whomever composed the FAQs has terrible grammar. Granted, I know a break a few rules of comma use and probably more. But, if a professional company is going to have a website, they should at least have a dozen people editing it. I don’t care if who edits it actually has a degree in English. I have a degree in Psychology. My psych professors were just as hard to please as my English professors were (and I love every one of ’em).

That said, go to the FAQ site if you dare. The last sentence of the answer of the first question contains the word “then” instead of “than”. “Than” indicates a comparison between two things which is what that sentence was supposed to do. Duh. Yes, super critical over one little word, but it’s something that messes around with our bodies if we use it! The least they could do is go beyond spellcheck.


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