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I haven’t been paying much attention to my WordPress blog(s) lately. Why? Because I finally discovered the true meaning of Tumblr. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! It’s a quick, easy way to update what I’m thinking about

My FINE face

at that moment. Even better, if people on my Facebook friends list don’t want to see what’s up on my Tumblr, as far as I’ve seen, they can ‘hide’ the application from their newsfeed and still keep me. 🙂

If you hide me, I will hurt you. J/k, j/k.

So far, the posting has been fun. A friend of mine has had a Tumblr for a good long time. I’ve been hemming and hawing over it. It seemed handy, but I just didn’t really get the full concept. NOW I DO! I can post stuff like crazy without being annoying — except to myself! *bites lip* *joyous tears well up in my eyes* I ❤ it!

< end cheesiness here >

If you would like to follow read and/or follow my Tumblr, it is (because some turd took ‘ejat’). I’ll be there more often than here, but if I come up with some REALLY important something to write that takes about 200-infinity number of words, I’ll be posting it here. Maaaaaaaybe.

< pats WordPress on the head > No, the cheesiness didn’t end up there.


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