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Suicidal Pedestrian and Driver

Truly, females in Columbus and nearby must be on suicide missions and/or have a death wish.

Near campus:

Around the corner from High St, a girl in a irritating, wannabe military-esque hat and a guy with low-riding shorts were crossing the street. The guy scoots along, clearly recognizing that this is a busy street and it would be a bad thing to make contact with a car.

The girl is lagging behind on purpose and this car is coming up at a pace slow enough for her to completely avoid, but – I kid you not – she stares down the driver while still moving quite slowly and the driver has to swerve half way to the right into the next lane to miss her. Had she been any farther back from that lane, I would have hit potentially hit her.

My first thought was: she’s got some sort of a medical affliction that her insurance (if she has any), Medicaid, or anything else won’t pay for. Therefore, if she gets her *** hit, the unknowing driver is sacked with the bill and/or charged for striking a pedestrian with a vehicle – or whatever it technically would be.

Granted, this may not be the case. Yes, I prejudged based on that defiant look. It could have meant something entirely different to her. But it was that look which could have landed her in the hospital and the driver on the wrong side of the law and/or in the hospital.

Rt 61:

There is a known issue, minor though, with my new-to-me Jetta and the dealer is having it fixed – no charge to me. Howard met me at the dealer so I could drop off my car to be fixed up tomorrow.

We’re on our way back home and on Rt 61, this female driver in a rural-fabulous van is riding his tail. I didn’t see how close she was, if she had turn a turn signal on or what.

On a street that is 2 lanes, coming and going, it’s painfully obvious that there’s very little room for error. This driver not only attempts to pass us but she gets to the left of us with absolutely no room to get in between Howard’s car and the one ahead of us. The driver going the opposite direction, and a couple others following, actually had to PULL OVER TO THE DITCH to avoid this maniac! And get this! No more than a couple miles down the same road, majority of the drivers turned onto Rt 229 and that horse’s arse actually went straight – no one in front of her, no one behind her. There was absolutely no valid reason for this person to risk her life and everyone else’s!

Wow. Just wow.