About EJAT

I’m a night owl; I shouldn’t be a night owl, but I have a crap-tastic bed which I subconsciously avoid until the latest possibly moment that I can make myself exhausted.

I am a graduate of  THE Ohio State University, Spring 2009 was my last official quarter. I’m a psychology tutor at the Newark Campus, a self-proclaimed master editor, and the girlfriend of a soon-to-be environmental engineer – or Spanish translator. The average college student changes majors 7 times througout their college career. I never changed majors. I took a bunch of Psych classes because they were interesting and I adore the professors. Eventually, my junior year, my advisor told me he already sent in the paperwork for me to be a Psych major. *blink* Uh, okay. That works. 🙂

I’m a tweep at @afropoppette. My Place To Be, a non-profit that serves children and families touched by autism and related special needs in Licking County, Ohio is tweeting at @MP2Bautism. I’ll frequent my blog moreso since I downloaded the Blackberry app. Caaan we say addicted? Yes. I think we can. “Addicted.” Very good.


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