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What’s So Great About It?

Pooki the Polar Bear

What is so great about Scentsy? It’s so easy to answer. I became a Scentsy consultant in October 2011 and I have learned so many things about Scentsy products.

I was with my Scentsy family at a Christmas party this evening — and they’re a super bunch of ladies! The party was both fun and educational. One of the topics that was brought up was safety.

The facts that Scentsy has provided are a great start. The warmers and wax are wickless, fire-free, and soot-free. All that is going into your air is fragrance. We offer many warmers to fit your taste, and there is absolutely no other product like it, not even at the local department store. Scentsy offers 80 scents; WOW! Just opening the boxes is fun!

The most frequent question from customers and potential customers is “Is the warmer and the wax safe for around my kids and pets?” Absolutely.  The warmer is UL certified and can be put anywhere that you want it. The wax is food-grade paraffin. Kids and pets may become curious about the awesome smell. Never fear! When Scentsy wax is warmed, it’s just that, warm. I put my finger in the fully melted wax during demonstrations all the time. Our Scentsy Buddies are the best! Each one comes with a Scent Pak and the beads in the pak are food-grade — if little Johnny becomes curious, the pak will not hurt him!

We consultants love the product and we’ll tell you all about it; how to install the warmer, what to do with the wax when you’re done warming, and so much more!

I’m happy to share any information with my friends, family, and potential friends! I would really like to know what you think is so great about Scentsy too. Please feel free to comment!

Clicky clicky, sniff sniff, aaaaah!

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10 Things I’m Thankful For

My brothers, my dad, and me

There’s a lot of things I’m thankful for and I don’t express those things often enough. Here’s a little list for this Thanksgiving. Hopefully, it’ll inspire your own list.

1. God… (Sunday School answer) for putting up with my lame *** (public school ending – I crack myself up :-D). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to the realization that I can always count on God. My uncle, David, had once said (something like), if you don’t hold expectations for folks, when they come through, it’s a pleasant surprise. If they don’t, you’re not disappointed. I don’t have expectations regarding God but that’s

Grandma and me

because I know that God is consistent and reliable. Oh, speaking of God, I’m thankful for my HOMEGROUP!

2. Family… despite ups and frequent downs, I love every one of ’em. Since graduating high school, getting out on my own, and earning my degree, I’ve learned a lot about my family’s dynamics. But really, I know my family has my back and I hope they know I have theirs. My wallet may have moths, but my heart is fresh as a daisy and full of love!

Mimi and me

3. Grandmothers … I’m thankful for my grandmothers because I definitely inherited their genes. I look more like my grandmothers than anyone else in my family. My paternal grandfather passed in 1986 before I got to know him. I hear fantastic stories from my grandmother often. My maternal grandfather passed on November 28th, 2001. I knew him well and learned so much about him. I eventually realized that he was my biggest cheerleader – well, most slender and tallest! Dude was a string bean!

4. Hojo … The past (almost) 3 years have been wonderful. I’ve never been more comfortable with another person and frequently pleasantly surprised. Our anniversary is coming soon! It’s the day after Christmas. 🙂

Honey, Shadow & Bit

4. PUPPIES! … I couldn’t ask for better fuzzy friends! My aunt Shoo has personality-packed Oliver. My mom has protective and hilarious Mattie Jean Bean Sassy Sunshine (her full name). Mimi has the loveable and curious Honey and Shadow. Hojo has the sweet and not so mean-looking Churchill. And of


course, I have the infamous and comical Bit. We love our pups like they were children that will never get any bigger!

5. My J-O-B … Oooo, a year and a half of searching and then WHAM-o! I gotta tell you, I was relieved! I’ve been there for nearly 9 months and I’ve learned a lot about my own spinal and nutritional health. (

6. Crochet hooks … Sure, there’s yarn, but without those peculiar hooks, ya couldn’t make wristers. I just started the other one.

7. OSU Newark … I graduated from OSU. I spent majority of my time at the Newark Campus. I had wonderful professors, both in my major and my other classes that had nothing to do with it. I’ve always felt like it was home there. I miss it when I’m not tutoring.

Crack is bad, mmmk...

8. Belts … I’m thankful for them, but obviously, many boys who buy jeans that are a few sizes too big do not appreciate them. They need to wise up. Oh, and mamas with obvious thong-age and daughters that are dressed quite nicely need to learn a li’l somethin’ about belts too.

9. My Car, Ol’ Reliable … I’ve had my car since 2002. It’s had its issues, but it has held up against the odds. Right now, it could use a few replacements/repairs, but I would hate to ever have to give that thing up. I find that I am much more thankful for my car when I get stuck with a borrowed vehicle. The shop I’ve taken it to lately has allowed me to use one of their loaners – a minivan, a.k.a. The Party Wagon. Thanksk Hojo for that one.

10. Technology … I know. It’s horrible that I had to mention that. I am a geek though. It runs on my dad’s side of the family. I am thankful for my Blackberry, my laptop, and my iPod. Without my Blackberry, I would go crazy when stuff goes wrong with my laptop. When my laptop is funky, I can notify people via my Blackberry. When all else fails, I can turn to my iPod and air-jam my blues away!

So what are you thankful for? Tell everyone at the table why you’re thankful for them. I just might take my own suggestion….. 🙂

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Family Reunion Quote

Thank you Tyler Perry….

Family reunions are about uniting the family, bringing together the young and old. Singing and dancing and thanking God, giving Him the glory. Thanking Him for getting us over. As we marched up the road this afternoon, what we saw were young men gambling, fighting, cussing. Women with no clothes on gyrating all over on this land.

Do you see this shack. The man and woman we were born here gave birth to this generation. They were slaves. They worked this ground, but they bought it from the widow of the slave owner and that’s the kind of blood we have running though our veins. That’s the stock we are made of. What happened to us. What happened to us. Who are you. Do you know who you are? What happened to the pride and the dignity and the love and respect that we had for one another? Where did it go?

And how, how do we get it back? I’ma tell you…

Young black men, take your place. We need you. Your sons and daughters need you. Did you understand what I just said? You were sold off and had no choice, yes, but now it’s time to stay. Take your place. Now. Starting now. Starting now. Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips. You are beautiful, strong, powerful. I want more from you. Take your place.

I want every single one of you, young man, young woman, turn to the next person standing alongside of you. Grab them and hug them and tell them that you love ’em. Tell them, ‘If you need anything, come to me.’ ‘If you need somebody to talk to, come to me.’ ‘I’ll give you the shoulder, I’ll give you the hug. I’ll feed you, I’ll clothe you if you need it.”

That’s how you start from this moment. When you leave this reunion today, you take that with you.

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Help Find Milo!

Answers to "Milo"

Hey folks,

My aunt is on a search for her lost cat, Milo. She lives in Julian  Woods Community which is where Milo could be headed from Julian, PA near Alexander’s Construction on 220 where he was last seen. If you live near State College and/or Julian, PA, please let me know if you see this li’l guy:

Milo is a Grey with a white face, chest, and feet. He wasn’t wearing tags at the time.

He’s very shy, but he will respond to his name in a high-pitched sweet voice.

If you see this post, please retweet it. I’ll be checking for comments frequently. Thanks, everyone, for your help.

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Left Out…

Not that it’s a big deal and not that there haven’t been other misunderstandings, but I’m feeling a little left out.

I joined a committee with my family’s organization. They gave me a specific role with the core group. However, a project that my uncle and I were going to be ahead of was discussed without me being involved. My uncle was notified and it was said that family members and the core group had discussed the matter and they wanted to go with someone professional.

I’m supposed to be part of that core group too, but no one ever even informed me of speculation of a change. It doesn’t matter, I’m just a newbie, but those of us who are new need to be involved so we don’t feel left out and like we don’t have any say in something even that minute. Especially for something that is a volunteer basis, for the family, and kinda already cliquish.

I recall a family member, IN ALL CAPS, ripping another family member a new one (a newbie to the group) because he’d only sent 6 precisely written and edited letters to philanthropic companies requesting sponsorship. She had stated that she had 16 times that number of contacts ready and available to be hit up. Okay? So where are they? There were conversations about it, but there was no mention of such entities. This family member almost hung up his hat after getting chewed a new one, but another family member convinced him that, despite this relatively common egocentrism, it’s worth it for the future generations to keep going.

Whatever! Onward and upward!

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Togetherville For Kids & Their Grown-Ups

What in the world in Togetherville? You may ask. Togetherville is a new social networking site that is working with Facebook to help parents raise socially responsible Facebookers. Now, I’m not sure that the articles necessarily say those very specific words, but that’s what it comes right down to. Just don’t quote me on it.

I think it’s a fantastic idea. Kids are always, so I’ve heard, nagging their parents to be allowed to get a Facebook account of their own. Not gonna happen, you may say. However, many of these tech savvy kids who have been playing with old cell phones since yours busted and you got a new one so your kid could play with the old one have already figured out hack codes for heaven only knows what.

Some say nip it in the bud. In other words, get them started with your supervision. Togetherville allows you to sign in with your Facebook and, Mom, Dad, your statuses on Togetherville will be, upon customizing your settings, updated on Facebook. 🙂 I got a cool comment from @Togetherville on Twitter that made note of that.

As for your kids, what goes on Togetherville stays on Togetherville. So I’ve read. Now, some of the apps may be a little juvenile for some of the kids, but c’mon. Look at Farmville for crying out loud. The kids can start on Togetherville at age 6. That’s kindergarten or 1st grade for tons of kids. I think that they’ll feel like one of the ‘big kids’ and you’ll get to watch them have fun!

The idea of parents being on Togetherville too is so that parents can monitor activity. Just be aware of who else is on Togetherville as well. I’m not saying there’s anything to worry about, but as always, be super-sleuths while your kiddos are doodling and chatting.

The news has said on Facebook that there is a group that allegedly makes it easier for pedifiles to check our photos of your kiddos. Freak out! What are you talking about? I don’t know the name of the group, but more than likely one of your friends has re-posted a status about it warning you against joining or ‘liking’ it. It’s more than likely easier than you think. I mean, if we’re relying on the government to notify residents that there are registered sex offenders in the neighborhood, we’re not going to know soon enough.

Keep your oculars peeled. Togetherville sounds like oodles of fun and well-regulated. Check it out for yourself before your kids catch wind of it. That way, *grin and nudge* you’ll be the cool ones for introducing them to something fun & safe.

Don’t forget to check out the privacy settings on Togetherville. There may be default safety, but you may be able to make it just that much more secure. Check out your own Facebook’s privacy settings if you haven’t done so in the past several months. There may be something that you need to update as well. Anything that is on an “Everybody” setting is exposed to the World Wide Web and subject to search engines.

Have fun!!!

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Rockin’ Sydney & Krackaw’s Shoes

Ooooo wow! A friend has found some significance with this song and posted it regarding a friend of his, performed by a different artist, John Fogerty. But for me, “My Toot Toot” by Rockin’ Sydney (1985) strikes a highly sensitive chord. I would have been 2 years old when this show was shot.

I was thrilled to find the video on YouTube about three years ago, give or take. I had never seen the song performed. I showed it to my mom and grandmother. They were in tears.

My grandparents have had a stereo system in the living room for years. My grandpa, “Krackaw”, as we called him (coined by cousin Jennifer), would have me stand on his shoes, maybe from the time this was recorded, and he would dance around with me to this song. Those memories are positively the best and earliest ones I have of him.

Gran Torino came out not terribly long ago. Clint Eastwood’s character is a crotchety old man who doesn’t necessarily hate his Chinese neighbors but finds them to be nuisances. Especially since they were – well, various epitaphs that I’ll not repeat – and he was a Korean War Veteran. My grandpa was one to throw out li’l zingers, most funny, some not. Throughout the movie, (spoiler) Eastwood’s character opens up to his neighbors, and I could see such moving similarities between Eastwood’s character *seriously verklempt here* and my grandpa. My Aunt Lynne, the eldest sibling/daughter even said that she could see Krackaw pulling a stunt like he did at the end – don’t worry, no ending spoiler.

Let’s just say, I couldn’t watch the movie the last time Hojo put it in the DVD player.

R.I.P. – Paul Eugene Lieber, November 28, 2001