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Kroger Fail, Handy Sun

If the title doesn’t make any sense, that’s because it’s just a mash-up of things that I’m thinking about today.

First, I’m  mad at Kroger for not having any glasses spray. I went on a wild goose chase with a Kroger employee looking for glasses spray. First, I look at the glasses display next to the pharmacy. Nothing. I then ask an employee that was probably looking for something herself. She asked a pharmacy employee where glasses spray might be. He suggested looking around the glasses display. Been there, done that. Then, the Kroger employee wandered toward the regular foodie aisles. She talked to another Kroger employee who suggested aisle 10 with other cleaning supplies. :-\ Fail again. At this point, I gave up and vowed to write this post about Kroger’s epic fail.

I’ve been wanting to get back into avidly crocheting. I think it’s a fun little activity. I’m not so great with knitting (1 1/4 scraves completed) so I stick with something that has faster results. I made a little baby hat for a co-worker’s baby (who arrived a couple of days ago). It was hunter green (I think) and it was unbelievably cute (though I’m a little biased). Since it’s wonderfully sunny outside these days, my plan for the rest of this week, if I don’t slack off and stay in bed, is to take my crocheting outside. As soon as summer hits, that won’t be such a fantastic idea unless I’m in the shade. The easiest thing to do is to make the little baby hats. You get results in no-time-flat and they look great. Since my fundage is quite a bit better these days, my plan is to stock up on various colors of yarn and just go at it. It’ll be great to get some Christmas presents under way and completed too.

With those things in mind, I’ll be headed off to work soon. I’ll kick myself for the next half hour for not getting out of bed when I had set my alarm. That’s okay. I’ll start over tomorrow.