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My Opinion of Chris Brown

June 27, 2010


Chris Brown apparently performed astoundingly for the BET Awards. Someone said that he’s Michael Jackson reincarnated. Somehow people have forgotten about the Rihanna situation or they’ve dismissed it as though Mr. Brown has paid his dues. Someone said, “throw no more shade”. I’m not hatin’. I’m just saying that I will NEVER put my money […]

*Update: RIP NHS: 1940-2010

June 10, 2010


I went to see my high school today. I attended Newark High School from 1998 to 2002. I had a graduating class of nearly 500 students. The principal at the time was Mr. Mann. The band director was Mr. Randall Lamb. The high school will never look like it once did. There were 11 buildings. […]

How Young is Too Young?

March 9, 2010


I was watching ABC News tonight. I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I was a little thrown off by a headline about condoms for kids. Frankly, if a 5-year old Peruvian girl can have a healthy baby, I say make condoms available for even the rarest of cases. I’ve read studies about schools that have introduced […]