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Hello world!

Welcome to my wonderful world of words.

I’m not sure what I will post on here regularly. I have a Twitter account (@afropoppette) that I will likely refer to and vice versa. I am also on Facebook (yes, I have the typical FB self portraits. Don’t hate.). I have more emails to manage that I ever thought I would, and honestly, I could do away with one or two of them. Truly, I could do away with this one.

I have a dog named Li’l Bit. My grandmother named him. My boyfriend, Howard, has a wonderful Am Staf mix named Churchill. My li’l guy, ‘Bit’ is absolutely wonderful. I don’t know where I’d be without him. I’ll share him about ‘Bit’ in later blogs.

My Itter Bitter

I’ll share about my experience as an Ohio State University (OSU) student eventually. I spent about 6 to 7 years earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Every quarter (except for one) was well worth the effort. My family has had its share of ups and downs with school; I made it and I can say that I am a graduate. I have returned, like a little bird who has matured and flown back home for the summer, to tutor students at both Central Ohio Technical College and Ohio State University at Newark (Newark Campus). This quarter, I am swamped like I have never been before. The winter weather puts a damper on driving conditions but it is worth the journey to help those who need a boost.

I will probably share about my experience as almost an only child. My little brothers, twins, were born 18 years ago. I’ll also share about what it is like to not experience my parent’s divorce (infantile amnesia is very interesting). I was babied by my mother’s mother. My mother’s father stood up for me. My father’s mother has become more and more dear to me. My father’s father left this world in 1986; however, his spirit lives on in so many ways.

My Place To Be

I’ll talk about my time with My Place To Be (@MP2Bautism) and how it is continuing. The 2008-2009 was full of excitement and interesting people. The 2009-2010 school year has, thus far, been calm and refreshing.

 Other topics will intertwine with subjects I mentioned earlier. Some will light a fire within me that will bring me to tears, make me raise my fists in restrained fury, and will make me and my readers giggle – my personality quirks leave my acquaintances with a lasting first impression that I don’t always intend. But, that’s what the next day is for – or however long it takes to bump into someone again.

Tonight (or this morning), I will rest my eyes. I’ve been staring at a laptop screen for too many hours today. They say the average teenager spends about – never mind, had I saved the article, I could have told you how many hours teenagers spend online in one day. If I were to tell you the mean of how many hours I spend online, you’d either roll your eyes and tell me to get a hobby or melt like butter as you and I agree that Twitter is now all the rage and more people should consider its usefulness (thank you Megha – @Meghab).

I have been evaluating my own writing as I am writing it. Oh, how I wish I had continued my creative blogging and wistful poetry with the passion I had. Perhaps this journey into blogging will reignite my fervor for self-expression and storytelling. Maybe now my storytelling will gain some linear organization. I seem to lose folks. As described by a friend, I start out with point A, jump to point C and continue to D. Then, I realize that I left out B and recap D while C is forgotten. It just so happens that C was the most important detail.

So, to an abrupt end. The clock is ticking, my head is aching, and my brain is whirring.

Good night all.

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.  ~Anaïs Nin