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CB Grammy Style

I was volunteering with a program that has presenters go to schools and teach for four days in segments about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to get yourself out of unhealthy relationships safely (battered women’s/men’s shelters, police, etc).

My first presentation day occurred just before CB & R broke out in the news. The second day, I was driving to the school and was listening to WNCI and there it was. All the students heard about it. All of them were enraged or observing others’ outrage. “Nuh uh, oh no he di’n’t.” 1 out of 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. That means out of those 20 kids, of which there were probably 12 girls, three of them will likely be abused by someone they know.

We had a speaker who told her experience about surviving domestic violence — let me tell you, it was a terrifying experience to even hear about. It’s the kind of experience that makes your stomach curdle. One of the girls identified with the speaker and the speaker could see it all over the girl’s face and reactions. That she was able to connect with the speaker is amazing, but that it should be necessary to get that girl out of a bad situation is sad. Truly sad.

My point is, I know exactly where I was when I first heard that CB had made a mess of Rihanna’s face. I know where I was when the latest president took office too. There are some things that I merely saw on TV that I will never forget. And there are somethings that a teenager, or a grown adult, saw on TV or experienced in her own life first hand, who will never forget it and it will have an impact on his or her life, whether positive or negative.

Violence addicts are no different from any other type of addicts; selfishness is volatile.Violence victims are no different from those who experience the selfishness of any other type of addict. There is help to be had and perpetrators need to have the foresight to seek that help whether they think it’s obtainable or not, whether a huge situation or small, to avoid hurting themselves and others. Those with such visibility, especially to generation (Z? where are we in the alphabet?) should be held accountable just like any ol’ average Joe or Jane.

Great article: Click here. Don’t worry, it’s a safe site.

Domestic Violence statistics, 2011: Click here.

Public lists of safe havens: Click here.

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My Valentine

Valentine, 10% off till 1/31

January’s Warmer of the Month Valentine will only be available until January 31st. Get it now while Valentine is still 10% off! Get this sweetheart of a deal now for your sweetheart! Pair Valentine with January’s Scent of the Month, Linger.

The Scentsy Fall/Winter 2011 catalog will be rollin’ on outta here very soon. During the month of February, most items will be 10% off! Contact me right away so we can schedule your February party and prepare to have fun!

Click the link below to see what items are not going to carry over to the next catalog:

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Red Tails at #2

Heck yeah!!!! Take a look!

In second place, George Lucas’ passion-project Red Tails, a $58 million film starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. that chronicles WWII’s African-American Tuskegee airmen, took off with $19.1 million in its first three days. The strong debut came out of 2,512 theaters, which gave Red Tails a hefty $7,604 per theater average, the second-best in the Top 20. A few weeks ago, these high-flying numbers seemed unlikely. But  in the week leading up to release, the film gained momentum. – Entertainment Weekly


Feel free to read the rest of the article.

Here’s another articlein which George Lucas revealed that from 1988 to 2009, studios wouldn’t finance the production of the film or the distribution, so he put $93 million into it himself.

Here’s another one too.

Why am I so proud? Look to the right. This is a picture of my grandfather, Howard Arthur Tibbs, RIP 1986. He was 23 when this photo was taken. Isn’t he handsome? Check out this Youtube Video to learn more about my grandfather. My grandmother, Mrs. Tibbs and my Uncle Philip were interviewed by WOSU in 2008. Here is part two. Their anniversary is coming up on January 25th. They would have been married for 65 years.

Here’s a 10TV clip shot on January 20th at the Easton Towne Center premiere. You can see my Uncle Philip. Grandmother Tibbs is sitting in front of him with the board that Uncle Philip made with pictures of Grandpa toward the very end of the clip.

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What’s So Great About It?

Pooki the Polar Bear

What is so great about Scentsy? It’s so easy to answer. I became a Scentsy consultant in October 2011 and I have learned so many things about Scentsy products.

I was with my Scentsy family at a Christmas party this evening — and they’re a super bunch of ladies! The party was both fun and educational. One of the topics that was brought up was safety.

The facts that Scentsy has provided are a great start. The warmers and wax are wickless, fire-free, and soot-free. All that is going into your air is fragrance. We offer many warmers to fit your taste, and there is absolutely no other product like it, not even at the local department store. Scentsy offers 80 scents; WOW! Just opening the boxes is fun!

The most frequent question from customers and potential customers is “Is the warmer and the wax safe for around my kids and pets?” Absolutely.  The warmer is UL certified and can be put anywhere that you want it. The wax is food-grade paraffin. Kids and pets may become curious about the awesome smell. Never fear! When Scentsy wax is warmed, it’s just that, warm. I put my finger in the fully melted wax during demonstrations all the time. Our Scentsy Buddies are the best! Each one comes with a Scent Pak and the beads in the pak are food-grade — if little Johnny becomes curious, the pak will not hurt him!

We consultants love the product and we’ll tell you all about it; how to install the warmer, what to do with the wax when you’re done warming, and so much more!

I’m happy to share any information with my friends, family, and potential friends! I would really like to know what you think is so great about Scentsy too. Please feel free to comment!

Clicky clicky, sniff sniff, aaaaah!

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I had, quite possibly, the worst — no, stupidest experience at Wal-Mart on Tuesday night. I had gotten off work a little early (10:30) because I just couldn’t sit there any longer and properly concentrate. I had slightly suspected that Howard was at home that night, but I wasn’t sure. I drove up to Wal-Mart up here in MtV while talking to my mom. She recommended some eyedrops and I wanted to get some other stuff as well. When I finally got there, I entered the sliding glass doors and amidst the noise of the air conditioner up above, I told my mom I was likely going to lose my signal.

I meandered around gathering a few things that I was thinking about at the time and put it in a basket on my arm. Then, I walked up to the only lane available to check out, the cigarette lane. The girl at the register was chatting a woman. There were a couple of guys next in line with a movie to buy. Next was me, and then about a minute later, another woman got in line behind me with a quarter of a cartful of groceries. The girl at the register keeps chatting with the woman at the front of the line. To me, it looked like their transaction was done and they was just still gabbing. Neither the Wal-Mart employee nor the customer said a word to the rest of us.

You know you want to buy one....Thank you

I start tapping my foot a little. I look around for another lane. Nothing.

Thinking that the lady behind me is getting a little frustrated as well, I look back and she shrugs and says “so what are we doin’ here? Just bullsh!ttin’?” I say, ” I dunno what’s going on.”

The girl at the register and the customer are in this indepth ‘he said, she said’ conversation. Finally, I lift the basket from my arm and said rather loudly, “Welp, I guess I really don’t need anything.”

I head toward the Customer Service department because that was just a little frustrating. Two customer service representatives, one after the other, walk straight past me and to the register. I turn around and look behind me. The customer says, “That’s right, I’m the one causing trouble.”

Granted, she did not look like someone who is ignorant. But, that was just plain rude that the girl at the register never said a thing to the rest of us. Nothing to imply that they were waiting on assistance.

So, I shrug my shoulders and walk out. I would just love to know what the woman who was behind me with her cart had to say to the girl at the register.

I won’t be going back to that Wal-Mart ever again. Everything that I actually would want can be found at Pat Catan’s across the street, Kroger, Odd Lots and other various mom-n-pop shops. I’ve never had an ounce of trouble at any other store.

My conclusion:

Wal-Mart is evil. I had a dream several years ago. I was in what seemed to be K-Mart that used to be located where Big Lots is now on Deo Drive in Newark, Ohio. Everything on the shelfs was very nice and the store looked well kept. Suddenly, all around me, everything the store began to deteriorate. The roof began to shudder and I zipped my butt right out the door. Right in front of K-Mart the parking lot was in tatters; there were pot holes, craggy asphalt. The parking lot was divided and there was police tape from one end of the parking lot to the other. On the other side of the police tape, the parking lot was smooth, with fresh lines. On the far side, there stood a newly built Wal-Mart. Inside, my gut just felt rancid and the air was ominous. Never again shall I step foot in a Wal-Mart.

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I haven’t been paying much attention to my WordPress blog(s) lately. Why? Because I finally discovered the true meaning of Tumblr. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! It’s a quick, easy way to update what I’m thinking about

My FINE face

at that moment. Even better, if people on my Facebook friends list don’t want to see what’s up on my Tumblr, as far as I’ve seen, they can ‘hide’ the application from their newsfeed and still keep me. 🙂

If you hide me, I will hurt you. J/k, j/k.

So far, the posting has been fun. A friend of mine has had a Tumblr for a good long time. I’ve been hemming and hawing over it. It seemed handy, but I just didn’t really get the full concept. NOW I DO! I can post stuff like crazy without being annoying — except to myself! *bites lip* *joyous tears well up in my eyes* I ❤ it!

< end cheesiness here >

If you would like to follow read and/or follow my Tumblr, it is (because some turd took ‘ejat’). I’ll be there more often than here, but if I come up with some REALLY important something to write that takes about 200-infinity number of words, I’ll be posting it here. Maaaaaaaybe.

< pats WordPress on the head > No, the cheesiness didn’t end up there.

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Adrenal Plus and Iodoral

Adrenal Plus, by PROGENA

My Supplements:

These are the supplements that I take. They are my get-up-and-go.

Adrenal Plus:


Light reading:

Adrenal Plus, What Is it?

Iodoral, by Optimox Corp

Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It ** Highly Recommended

Or, even easier

Contact Dr. Scott Shaffer: or (740)892-4622 to make an appointment.

Sorry this post is so short and bland. It’s almost 2:30 and I’ve been staring at a computer screen all day. I wanted to be helpful in some way and I think there may be some folks out there that could benefit from these supplements just as I have.

If you have any positive stories about your experience with these two supplements, please feel free to post a comment.